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Zeus Kiwi

Zeus Kiwi is a pioneering producer organization at the vanguard of production, maintenance packing and global delivery of kiwi fruit, seedless grapes and apricots.

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Crimson Seedless

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Our exports in numbers

We take great pride in the strong association of our brand with superior quality, earning admiration and loyalty across the markets we serve.

exporter (in volume) to the UK for kiwifruit and seedless grapes
No 0
of our volume to be delivered in markets with high quality standards
0 %
countries worldwide
of our volume is delivered to S/M
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Our Story

From the very beginning, we recognized the potential for change among a small group of farmers primarily engaged in tobacco cultivation. In the early 1990s, these farmers were yearning for a shift in cultivar, requiring expert guidance and consulting. It was during this critical period that Zeus Kiwi stepped in, offering the much-needed direction and sharing invaluable knowledge. In 1997, we took a significant step forward by establishing the first Producer Organization (PO) in Greece, cementing our commitment to empowering and supporting farmers in their journey towards the challenges of future agriculture.

Zeus Kiwi in numbers

Growers members of the PO
0 +
individuals employed residing in neighboring communities
0 +
the number of plots in a land of 423ha
0 +
15.000m2 of packhouse and cold storage rooms.
0 K m2
we've cut down the application of N (Nitrogen) fertilisers in the past 25years
- 0 %
Ultra modern sorting & packing machinery

Our founder as our mindset changer

The ethos of our PO centers around a commitment to continuous improvement, a deep respect for environmental resources, the adherence to best practices, and an unwavering dedication to delivering superior product quality. Our organization’s President, Dimitrios Manosis, has been an influential mentor who embodies these principles.

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