Greek kiwi season was rather slow from mid-November to January


The kiwi trade has finally picked up some steam after a slow end of 2022, says Zeus’ Marketing Sales Director Christina Manossis: “The kiwi sales have been more intense over the past few days. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary, it’s usually busier right after New Year. What has been strange, is the fact that the Greek season has been rather slow from mid-November leading up to January. As a result, we’ve had more kiwis in stock than we would usually have at this time of the year.”

As demand was slower, the costs of storing all the produce remains a headache, Manossis explains. “The costs of the operation are still a pain, but I don’t expect the situation to get any better this season. Luckily, we have our own production of energy, which covers about 30 per cent of what we need. This fact softens the blow a little bit. However, I feel that the situation will no go back o the price levels of two years ago, energy will be more expensive than before.”

As everything is currently being set up for next year, Manossis is sure that the Brazil will become a key market in the next kiwi season, she says: “Although sizes have been a challenge this season, we still believe in our quality of the product. We were able to take large steps in both the Canadian as well as in the US market this year and have sent more volumes to these countries. We also managed to have a presence in more states this season and prices were really good for us overseas. For next year, I believe the Brazilian market will become one of the major markets for Greek kiwi exporters. The inspections happened in November, so protocols will not be set in time for the current season. But next year is looking promising for us.”

“The current kiwi season will last a bit longer than it did last year. It should keep going until mid-May. As long as the fruit remains in excellent condition, which we believe I will, we’ll do our best to serve the supermarkets the best we can. We also managed to introduce our yellow kiwis in Indonesia and South Africa and have received positive feedback from the buyers. Our past grape season was also a success, as we managed to export new varieties of table grapes, and the buyers seemed very interested in the next production,” Manossis concludes.

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