Our Story

Zeus Kiwi is a pioneering PO (Producer Organization) at the vanguard of production, maintenance packing and global delivery of kiwi fruit, seedless grapes and apricots.


Known and respected worldwide for its uniform and high quality, pleasant taste, the company’s secret of excellence lies in the idyllic soil and climatic conditions of the area coupled with its unwavering commitment to sustainable growing practices.

Zeus growers number more than 300 and together we aim to spearhead the expansion of cultivation with new varieties of kiwi and the further cultivation of vines of the most coveted varieties.

Our vision is…

“to broaden our agricultural landscape by cultivating new species and varieties, making meaningful contributions to sustainable agriculture reform. Through these endeavors, we aim to foster a culture of prosperous entrepreneurship among our growers – members, while embracing a future defined by tranquillity and security.”

A journey through milestones

ZEUS KIWI SA was founded, marking a groundbreaking milestone as Greece's first-ever multi shareholder private company of its kind, counting 99 growers.
The original packhouse and storage facility is built in Karitsa, Pieria, with a modern packing line and 5000 m2 cold storage capacity. The first in Greece to comply with all European specifications.
The First Recognized Producer Organization under Regulation (EC) 2200/96
Pioneering Integrated Management Practices (ICM) in accordance with Agro 2-1 & Agro 2-2. Introducing Crimson Seedless Grapes marking a significant milestone as the variety made its debut in Greece, symbolizing a progressive approach to agriculture reform, and meeting market demands.
European Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel showcased her recognition of ZEUS as one of the most accomplished Producer Organizations in Europe.

ZEUS at the Forefront of Environmental Stewardship: EPD Certification and Carbon Footprint Measurement in Kiwifruit. Recognizing the urgent need to address environmental concerns, ZEUS took proactive measures to obtain EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, signifying their commitment to transparent and sustainable practices. Going beyond certification, ZEUS embarked on an ambitious endeavor by undertaking the measurement of the carbon footprint associated with kiwifruit cultivation. This groundbreaking initiative marked a significant milestone in the industry, as it aimed to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact attributed to the production process.) ZEUS KIWI via NKP Italy begins cooperation on a joint programme with the University of Udine in Italy on research and development of new varieties of kiwi fruit, aiming for new yellow varieties particularly suitable for cultivation in Mediterranean Europe.


We host the 34th World Conference of the International Kiwi Organization (IKO). In 2015, ZEUS demonstrated its global influence and prominence by organizing the prestigious 34th World Conference of the International Kiwi Organization (IKO) in Katerini. Delegates from kiwi-producing countries around the world gathered for this remarkable event, engaging in comprehensive discussions concerning various aspects of kiwifruit cultivation and trading. The conference served as a platform for sharing insights, expertise, and advancements in the industry, fostering collaboration among international players. ZEUS took the opportunity to showcase the exceptional kiwi fruit production of Pieria, highlighting the region's agricultural prowess and reinforcing its position as a key player in the global kiwi market.

We join NEW KIWIPLANT SRL – Italy for the Varietal Management.
Ranked in the top 20 Most Profitable Companies in 2016 and 2015 in the Agriculture and Fisheries sector (published by ICAP).
We receive a prestigious award by being distinguished as a "Value Company" during the General Assembly of SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) held at the esteemed Athens Concert Hall.
We complete our Second CO2 Declaration (EPD) in Kiwifruit Production and working on a declaration in Grapes production.
Awarded as Greek Champion at the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy Award” Ceremony.
We complete CO2 Declaration (EPD) in our seedless grapes production. We receive ZERO Waste to Landfill GOLD award achieving a diversion rate of 95.22%.

Zeus Kiwi in numbers

Growers members of the PO
0 +
people working from nearby villages
0 +
the number of plots in a land of 423ha
0 +
15.000m2 of packhouse and cold storage rooms.
0 K m2
we've cut down the application of N (Nitrogen) fertilisers in the past 25years
- 0 %
Ultra modern sorting & packing machinery

Awards and distinctions

1st Organization in Greece

to implement the rules of Integrated Crop Management (kiwifruit)

most successful Producer Organisations in Europe

According to the EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, ZEUS Kiwi is among the most successful Producer Organisations in Europe.

Worlds 1st EPD certification in 2012

in the cultivation of kiwifruit by measuring the environmental footprint, CO2 emissions for each kg of kiwifruit. The statement on CO2 emissions in kiwi cultivation was recently updated in February 2022 with a visible reduction in emissions.

Top 20 companies

Among the top 20 companies in the Agriculture – Fisheries sector with profits for the year 2015-16.

Greek Business Champion

Awarded as “Greek Business Champion” based on 2019 vs 2020 profitability and turnover increase.

Highlighted as a business model of the Greek future

Its successful performance was highlighted at a conference during the Annual General Meeting of SEV as a business model of the Greek future. (Athens Concert Hall June 2019)

Greek Economy Business “Champion” Award

(10% increase in turnover and 10% increase in profit margin for the year 2020-2021) under the Ministry of Rural Development and Investment.

Our confidence in what we grow: Delivering Our Fruit across Any Distance worldwide

We are driven by the belief there is nothing that keeps us from delivering our fruit anywhere in the world. Throughout our entire process – from cultivation and harvesting to storage, packing, and loading – we adhere to stringent and rational procedures that prioritize the responsible use of environmental resources, fruit quality and shelf life. This unwavering commitment allows us to overcome any boundaries and supply our fruits to accessible markets, even during late seasons. Consequently, our clients have the pleasure of savouring ZEUS’ finest quality fruit until well into the late season.

zeus worker

Making the most out of technology

Over the years, our in-house IT department has dedicated their expertise to developing a groundbreaking cloud database known as zeusCore. This remarkable system lies at the core of our daily operations, offering more than just traceability. It serves as the backbone of our entire business, providing us with invaluable insights and information.

ZeusCore empowers us to efficiently manage various aspects of our operations, starting from farm management. With its comprehensive features, we can oversee and optimize the utilization of environmental resources, ensuring sustainable practices and minimizing waste. The database also enables us to closely monitor and evaluate fruit performance and score, allowing us to maintain consistent quality standard zeusCore plays a vital role in ensuring fruit availability based on farm. This level of insight enhances our ability to meet market demands and deliver fresh fruit to our customers in a timely manner.

In essence, zeusCore is not just a traceability system, but a comprehensive tool that empowers us to optimize our operations, enhance quality, and improve efficiency..

Our packhouse

At our packhouse, we adhere to the highest safety and hygiene standards. We understand the critical importance of maintaining a sterile environment and preventing cross-contamination while processing our fruits. By strictly following rigorous safety protocols, we ensure that our fruit remains free from any potential contaminants, meeting the stringent quality requirements set by regulatory bodies and our customers.

We ve made substantial investments in cutting-edge sorting machines for round fruit as well as ample storage capacity. Sorting machines are equipped with high-quality internal and external cameras, enabling us to deliver an unparalleled level of uniformity and quality .

We Grow

Nestled in the breathtaking foothills of Mount Olympus, our farms benefit from a truly unique setting. The mountain’s regal presence creates a microclimate that bestows upon our produce a remarkable quality and flavour.

we grow
we grow
we grow