Zeus to offer its own kiwi varieties


Aiming to broaden the offer with their own varieties of kiwifruit, Zeus Kiwi has been developing new types already for 10 years.  

“Together with our partners from New Kiwi Plant from Italy, we will introduce our own gold variety of kiwifruit. In the next decade, we plan to make a transition from green varieties to gold ones”, comments Christina Manossis, Executive Manager of Zeus Kiwi.

Being enthusiastic after the successful campaign in 2020, now the company is focused on enhancing their facilities and capacity of storage with new cold storage rooms. 

“We are proud to offer a completely natural product which did not undergo any post harvest interventions or treatments, and neither was stored in controlled-atmosphere rooms. Normal cold storage rooms, good monitoring in the field during production which enables us to deliver fruit of good quality even in the late season, that’s what distinguishes us from competitors”, says Christina.

In recent years, the company has been improving their facilities. In 2020, they introduced new sorting machines, which provided them with marvelous results: accurate and appropriate sorted fruits, classified by their firmness and shape; reduced costs and higher quality which have impacted on productivity volumes.

Almost 50% of total greek kiwi exports to the UK is from Zeus Kiwi. In 2021, they entered the Argentinian market for the first time. 

Christina stressed: “This year we started distributing our kiwifruits to Argentina, the destination with a very good potential. Besides, we plan to expand our distribution network in South Africa and Indonesia, which are key markets for us. In 2022, we are also hoping to start selling to Thailand and Korea. Meanwhile Europe, the U.S and Canada remain our important destinations as always”.

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